Today Nolles Cattle Co. is operated by Bert and Irene's son Mike, his wife Trudy Anderson Nolles and their daughter Katie. Mike and Trudy met while being involved in the Nebraska Junior Hereford Assn. where they both served in various capacities. Mike attended college and earned a pre-law degree and holds numerous specialized degrees in the investigative field and is a certified legal investigator. Trudy graduated from UNL with degrees in Animal Science and Agriculture Education. Both have been very active with organizations, state and federal government and campaigns.  

Katie was crowned 2014 Nebraska Hereford Queen, as was her mother Trudy Nolles. One of her many goals and she was also crowned the 2015 National Hereford Queen in Kansas City MO in November of 2014. She is an officer on the Nebraska State FFA Team.  Katie is attending college at University of Nebraska Lincoln, studying Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources.  ​Katie is the 6th generation of Mike's family to live in Rock county and the 4th generation on both sides to be involved with purebred Herefords. 

In conjunction with the ranch operation they also operate a commercial hunting and retreat business called Outback Adventures.  At the center of both the ranch and the hunting business lies a fully restored horse barn built in 1912 that today houses the show cattle barn and a large recreation/conference area in the hayloft.  

What sets this family and ranching operation apart from others is the passion that exists for all that we do in business. Whether it be a group of hunters that stay here or a potential bull or female customer we stake our names and reputation on what we sell. We know our businesses and stay on top of what these industries need and desire. We do not participate in fads but believe in a holistic or whole need approach to what we do. Just because a judge at a livestock show reasons his class winning animal does not mean that those characteristics are in demand by a commercial cattleman. We thoroughly enjoy working on our breeding programs as well as our marketing programs and make those decisions as a family. We were one of the first livestock operations to utilize artificial insemination in the early 60's and continue to do so today and also have an extensive embryo transfer program and offer commercial embryo placement for other breeders. To do this requires a top notch vaccination and nutrition program and we utilize several veterinarian sources and feed nutritionists. A philosophy that Bert held for all of his ranching years is still in place today and that is that quality is much easier and cheaper to breed on then it is to feed on. We require our females to be easy keepers, milk moderately, be structurally sound, breed easily and look like females. The herd sires we select for AI and ET must sire tremendous females first and foremost.  

We also maintain a hunting service with lodge.  Many times throughout the year we have cattlemen visit and all guests are invited to stay with us when they tour the ranch. We value our friendships that we have made over the years. One of Katie's biggest thrills is maintaining the relationships with fellow purebred breeders and bull customers that were started by her grandparents and has continued down several generations of these breeders and customers.  

If you're ever in the area stop in and see us. ​  

Mike, Trudy and Katie Nolles



" It has always been about Hereford Cattle at this ranch."

We are Mike, Trudy and Katie Nolles.  We are located southeast of Bassett Nebraska in the Sandhills of Nebraska.


Nolles Cattle Company officially started in 1963 as a corporation with the primary owners being Mike's parents Bert and Irene. However, in the early 50's they had begun buying their home place from Bert's grandmother and then in the late 50's they purchased the rest of their ranch holdings from her. Bert was raised on this ranch and met Irene when he returned home from WWII. Irene, a Boston native had a brother who was in the same unit as Bert and this was how they met. After marrying they spent several years living in Las Cruces, New Mexico where Bert's parents had moved to upon retiring.